Couples Services

I help you and your partner to
Drive with Purpose. Align Your Goals. Shift Your Perspective.

Couples Private Coaching

Are you a couple who needs some support so that you can have a more fulfilling life and relationship? I use spiritual concepts to help couples drive through life with success by working with them in 3 areas: Personal Development, Professional Development, and Relationship Development. You'll get to complete some sessions as a couple and others on an individual basis. I offer sessions in person or virtually (via Skype).

Personal Development

Each member of a couple must take care of their personal health and wellness first in order to be successful in other areas of their life. Couples who work with me understand how to take a holistic approach focused on their mental, physical, and spiritual health. We'll work together to identify areas that are working well and improve upon those that aren't. 

Professional Development

When couples seem to be on divergent professional paths, it's important to help them find a common ground. I use practical advice and exercises that help you to strengthen your individual professional path and support each other in the journey. If you're an overachieving power couple, it's easy to step on each other's toes. I'll explore your spiritually-influenced professional journeys and allow them to enhance both of your lives. 

Relationship Development

Individuals who have a strong sense of self will always have a better chance of being successful as a couple. Once we have the personal and professonal foundation in place, we can take a closer look at your relationship. I am a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator who uses the relationship inventory and skill-building program to improve a couple's relationship. Through an initial assessment and several follow-up sessions, I help premarital or married couples identify their strengths and work on their relationship growth areas.

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Couples Group Coaching

I provide similar types of spiritual and metaphysical support to couples who prefer a group dynamic when working on Personal Development, Professional Development, and Relationship Development. Some sessions are in a traditional workshop format and others involve hands-on activities (such as preparing a meal or completing a puzzle) to help couples build their skills in practical ways.

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Premarital Sessions & Wedding Ceremonies

I prefer to have couples complete the Prepare/Enrich premarital program with me before I officiate their ceremony. This allows me to get to know you both so that I can customize your wedding ceremony. As a non-denominational minister, I am happy to work with you to tailor your ceremony in a way that honors both of your spiritual or religious beliefs. Please contact me at least 4 months before your ceremony.

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