Transformation Services

If you're looking for one-on-one attention specific to your needs, check out my transformation services.

  • 10-Point Spirit Driving Check: A free questionnaire to get a quick snapshot of where you are on your Spirit Driving path.
  • Spirit Driving 11:11 Check: A comprehensive assessment of 11 Spirit Driving categories with 11 questions per category. After completing this, you'll receive a detailed report highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement on your Spirit Driving path. We'll review your report together in a live phone call and discuss next steps.
  • Coaching Sessions: We'll create a mutually beneficial schedule to work on the areas of improvement from your Spirit Driving 11:11 Check and any other topics you want to cover.

Wellness Workshops

I facilitate a variety of wellness workshops developed by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. They're focused on the scientifically based, clinically proven L.E.A.N. approach (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition). As a Certified Health Coach, I have been trained to offer these workshops and customize them to fit my clients. They're interactive and fun with discussions, activities, and, of course, a snack.

  • L.E.A.N. Essentials: A two-hour workshop that provides the basics to parents of 3 to 12 year olds. Learn simple, time-saving ways to incorporate wellness into your daily family life.
  • L.E.A.N. Start: A comprehensive set of six 1-hour workshops for parents of 3 to 12 year olds. Learn practical solutions to improve how you live, how you move, how you think, and how you eat.
  • L.E.A.N. Expectations: A practical set of three 2-hour workshops for pregnant women, those who are planning to become pregnant, and for new moms. Learn how to become a more confident mother without trying to be a supermom. We'll focus on preparing mentally and physically for your baby, what you and your baby should eat for optimal health, and taking care of yourself and your baby after birth.
  • Prime-Time Health: An information-packed set of four 1.5-hour workshops for those 40 and over who want to improve their health so they can do the things they’ve always imagined. Learn how to prevent or reverse many age-related conditions by following a science-backed healthy lifestyle program. We'll focus on ways your body can make its own medicine, how to understand the science behind health-related conditions, how to decrease your waist size, and tips for living without pain and inflammation.

Did You Know? All of the Wellness Workshops above can be tailored to become private sessions that I conduct just with you, or can include your spouse and/or children. The individual attention would allow you to ask more questions, set goals, and have a partner to guide you along the way.

Other Wellness Goodies

  • Pantry Makeover: During a Pantry Makeover, I’ll come to your house and teach you how to read your food labels so that you really know what you’re eating. I’ll also teach you Dr. Sears' Traffic Light Eating concept. TLE, as it's called, will guide you in figuring out what to eat and how much to eat. Next, we’ll review some of the food items in your pantry and refrigerator to see where they fit. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to throw anything out!) This is all about awareness. Lastly, we'll put together a grocery list to help you make good decisions when you're shopping.
  • Smart Shopping Trip: A natural follow-up to the Pantry Makeover, I'll meet you at the grocery store to help you shop. We'll look at what's on your list, read labels, and figure out the best food items for you to buy. You'll feel empowered to make better decisions in your future shopping trips. (I can also complete a Smart Shopping Trip without completing a Pantry Makeover.)
  • Delightful Dining Out: It's easier to make good decisions when you're reviewing food labels in a grocery store. But, what do you do when you're dining out and can't read the labels? We'll meet to discuss tips and tricks for eating healthy when dining out. We'll research nutritional values of popular restaurants. And you'll be equipped with how to become one of those proud, annoying dining companions who customizes everything in their order!

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