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I was so delighted that you have created such a refreshing, uplifting and interesting approach to 'success' on all levels...Your inviting language and candid revelations of your personal journey make it a wonderful reading experience, as I really felt as if I had been having a most rewarding conversation with you, when I reached the end! I appreciate your organized, ingenious approach using the driving metaphors, as they speak to us so strongly in our culture.  I think that the questions you encourage your readers to ask themselves, and the format in which you are choosing to present your points, make for a very practical and readable guide for people.... thank you for your bright spirit in executing this labor of love!

~ Margaret Branch, University of Metaphysical Sciences Staff Member


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I have read many books on spiritual growth and development. As a pastor I find Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take The Wheel, to be a refreshing, creative and practical approach to connecting with the inner self.  Leila Johnson does a wonderful job of assisting others through shared insight to grasp the importance of a spiritually-centered life in any career. I recommend this book for anyone at the beginning of his or her personal spiritual journey toward a deeper understanding of self.

~ Reverend John D. Hill, D. Min., Grant Chapel A. M. E. Church, Albuquerque, NM


Leila Johnson takes the mundane activity of driving a car and elevates it to the sublime for a course of lifelong success. As her onetime pastor, I laud her commitment to teach others about our vital connection with the Spirit. I am honored to participate in this much-needed life teaching.

~ Reverend Marilyn Carroll, M. Div., Denver, Colorado


As an entrepreneur and Life Coach, I'm often looking for books and other materials to further stretch the learning experience for my clients. After reading Leila's book Driving to Success, it's clear that this book is one that I'm adding to my resource library. Leila has filled her book with practical examples and engaging metaphors that help to create an atmosphere for clear thought and opportunities for meaningful transformation. Thank you for adding a 'keeper' to my resource library!

~ Denise J. Hart, Words to Live By, LLC Business & Life Coaching


Leila Johnson is wise beyond her years. She provides a simple, easy-to-understand analogy for life. Women of all ages will be able to walk away with tools that can be applied to both life and business.

~ Sheryl Arndt, aspiring business owner and entrepreneur


Having recently realized daily life is not about how I control things but how I trust in the Lord to guide my actions, I was thrilled to read this book to help me apply that to my professional life. Driving to Success outlined how to combine Spirituality with a profession in a no-nonsense, fun-to-read way.

~ Rachel Kefauver, CPA, small business owner, and mommy; former CPA moving from job-to-job trying to find the right “fit”


Leila Johnson has tapped into the need of a younger generation for advice from a peer who has walked the road they are on just ahead of them in a more reflective way than they have yet to do. Using the metaphor of one’s life being the vehicle we inhabit, Leila shows her readers how to get in the driver’s seat and move forward by asking key questions about who they are and where they want to go.

While her writing is focused on the needs of younger women, they are not the only ones facing career changes. As an older woman who has raised a family and survived cancer, I find Leila’s words and guidance to be as applicable to me today, in my mid-50s, as they will be to her target audience. Life’s circumstances are constantly trying to jerk the steering wheel away from us, and we must consciously take back control and move forward with confidence and intentionality.

~ Deborah Weaver, Artist and Trainer (formerly teacher and corporate executive)


With candor, poignancy, and insight, Leila Johnson provides clarity and a sense of balance to anyone who struggles with navigating through professional transitions or is discouraged in her career path. I found the book practical, challenging, and enlightening. Readers will appreciate the wisdom and encouragement that is offered on each page of Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel.

~ Tara Gohr, Entrepreneur


The metaphor of “driving” works…and puts you in the driver’s seat once and for all.  Driving to Success makes taking responsibility and making decisions for your life feel natural. Women will appreciate Johnson’s accessible approach to letting one’s Spirit shine through, no matter their age or stage of life.

~ Rebecca Jo Dakota, Documentary Filmmaker, Feminist, Entrepreneur; former Executive Director, NM Commission on the Status of Women