Drive. Align. Shift. to Wellness

You might look healthy and fit. You might have some money and a nice job. You might be in a good relationship and have nice children. Your life might look perfect from the outside. But deep down, there’s a nagging longing that is keeping you from your true self, true wellness.

Wellness is a sense of peace within your mind, body, and all areas of your life. Your Spirit is in the driver's seat guiding you every step of the way. Your Personality is a passenger that plays a role in organizing your life. When your Spirit and Personality work together in this way, only then can you achieve true wellness.

  • If you’re quieting your Personality and letting your Spirit take control, you’re driving with purpose.
  • If you’re listening to what your Spirit is telling you, you’re aligning your goals.
  • If you're reaching the full potential of what your Spirit is guiding you to do, you’re shifting your perspective.

All three of the areas above must be met in order to Drive. Align. Shift. to Wellness. It’s time to listen to your Spirit. It’s time to Drive. Align. Shift. to Wellness. Are you ready? I am.


I'm Leila Johnson, a metaphysician, wellness educator, and coach based in New Mexico. I've earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Master of Divinity, reverend ordination through Wisdom of the Heart Church, and a Certified Health Coach credential through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

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