Welcome to Spirit Driving, LLC!

Are you enthusiastic about
transforming your mind?

Can you quote affirmations and sage pieces of advice from contemporary gurus and those of yesteryear?

Are you enthusiastic about 
transforming your body?

Do your friends and family see you as the "go to" person for nutrition and exercise tips?

Are you enthusiastic about
transforming your Spirit?

Do you crave content from the latest spiritual blogs, books, podcasts, workshops, and conferences?

If so, you might find that it's easy for you to give advice to others. But, deep down, you recognize that you don't always follow your own advice. You want to be part of a community that embraces this paradox and works with each other to apply what they've learned to their own life.

Spirit Driving, LLC helps you embrace your love of transformational mind, body, and Spirit concepts and use them to find peace and balance in your life.

Your Spirit is in the driver's seat guiding you every step of the way. Your Personality is a passenger that represents how you show up in life to yourself and others. When your Spirit and Personality work together in this way, you can achieve true happiness in the real world.

It’s time to listen to your Spirit. It’s time to find like-minded people and experience the best that this world has to offer.

Are you ready? I am.

I'm Leila Johnson, a mind, body, and Spirit transformation teacher based in New Mexico. I've earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysical Sciences, a Master of Divinity, reverend ordination through Wisdom of the Heart Church, and 3 Certified Health Coach credentials through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

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